Do you find yourself always using absolute terms? For example, “I’ll never be able to do that,” or “I always make a mess of this.”  Absolute terms are often exaggerated and leave no room for explanation or reason.  What you say includes what you say out loud to others, as well as how you talk to yourself either aloud or mentally.

Remove overly negative words from your vocabulary.  Powerful terms such as “terrible” and “disaster” should be removed when you’re describing minor annoyances and inconveniences. By toning your language down, it will put your negative experiences into a more manageable and realistic perspective.  Replace the negative words with encouraging words of praise or positives.

When you do realise that you’re using a negative term or words, replace them immediately with a less extreme description. “terrible” can become “unfortunate” or “not as good as I had planned.” “Disaster” can become “inconvenience” or “challenge.”

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