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With fast-paced work environments, increasing expectations for performance and more demands on our personal time – stress and its effects (burnout, fatigue, sleeplessness, impaired judgement, strained relationships, etc.) are a reality of these modern times.

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As an expert in stress-management techniques, I can help you cope with the most stressful situations and turn your negative stress into a positive attitude. Because each of us is different, there’s no one ‘correct’ way to cope with stress, so our sessions will dissect the issues of YOUR stress and decide which is the best and quickest way to reduce your stress levels and allow you to live a more composed and calm life.


Paul is a coach who walks his talk. As someone who has experienced lows in his mental health since he was young, he has learned the tools and techniques to build his resilience. These strategies have supported him through life’s challenges, including illness and bereavement. His genuine desire to pass this on to others so that they can thrive is what sets him apart.

Anj Handa FRSA



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